April 3,20

Please go to Google Classroom for all information for your class:

8th class code: ml5kxpc

7th class code: acmljhp

6th class code: diswwwj



This is being posted March 28th, 2020 for 6th and 8th Grades only:

I am experimenting with Google Classroom on putting up PowerPoint Notes and other assignments. I posted for the 6th and 8th Grades two quizzes from the Religion Textbook. These are NOT going to be part of your grade. It is a practice quiz to see if I am doing everything correctly on my end and to see if you can complete the assignment.

Thanks for our cooperation. Mr. A

This is being posted March 26, 2020

Sites recommended by Archdiocese...please bring these to the attention of you parents:


It is up to you as to how to use them.
Mr. A  March 26. 2020
 The following was posted March 24, 2020

(You might need to classroom codes to join: 6th - "diswwwj" and 7th Grade "acmlijhp", please join Google Classroom, I sent you an invite]

I will be using this site to communicate to my students. 
You all should have the packets that I put together for Religion and Social Studies. You picked these up last Tuesday. The purpose was to provide work for you over last week, this week and next. 
For now, we must assume that we will be returning to school on April 6th. If and when things change, you are to simply work on what I sent home.
The good news is that you have your Religion Text Book at home and I can continue to assign work from it via my Website. Unfortunately, you don't have the Social Studies Textbook. If we are told that school will not resume on 4/6 I will figure out a way to copy material from the text and attach it to my Website, assuming it is possible. 

Now, for the present.

The principal suggested that Homeroom Students who have completed work in any of their classes, to send it via email to your Homeroom Teacher and he/she will forward it to the subject's teacher.  So, 8th Graders should send their work to me. My email is Randolina@resurrectionschool.org. As teachers, we will grade it as you complete it. If you don't have the means to send this to us, don't worry, you can turn it all in on April 6th.

For now, I am not going to post anything new on either the "Religion" or "Social Studies" sites of my Website. 

Here is what I want my students to know:


(1) I have been asked if you need to do the "Essay Question 9-10 at the end of each chapter. The answer is yes. This question is to determine if the students understand what they have read in the specific Chapter. I am giving more points to these two questions than I am to other questions so please do you best in giving an answer that will let me know that you understand the material. It would be great if you could complete the assigned work each week and forward your answers to me. But again, don't worry if you can't send it to me.

(2) I also hope that you will begin each of your classes with a prayer or prayers that we use to open our classes at school. Your choice but in times such as these we all need prayers.

Social Studies:

8th Grade: I used material that was sent via the State for what I included in your packet. It was close to what we were studying so I made use of it. Same as above, if you can type your answers to the questions on each section and send it to me weekly, that would be great. But, again, don't worry about it if you can't.

7th and 6th Grades:

I copied Topic/Lessons from your textbooks and sent it home with your packets. So you simply need to follow the format we have been using for classwork/homework in putting your assignments together. The Outline of your assignment should have three sections:
 1. Vocabulary
2. Reading Check Questions
3, Lesson Check Questions
This will organize the material and assist me in grading it.

Also, if you have no means to type your work you can take pictures of your work and try sending them to me. If I can read what you send it will be helpful. In any case, please keep everything you complete and bring it to school with you when we return.

I have put the assignments in Option C so you can check your grades on material that you send to me.

Finally, the Archdiocese requested that we post some additional sites for you. What you do with them will be up to you. I will need to post these on another page.

If you have any questions, please send me an email. I am going to work on setting up Google Classrooms for the 7th and 6th Grades. I am already using it for the 8th Grade.

This should do it for now. I will be calling each of you to let you know to begin checking this site daily for information from me.

Mr. A

Welcome to Mr. A's Class

posted Aug 23, 2019, 9:43 AM by Rich Andolina   [ updated Mar 24, 2020, 4:13 PM ]

Now that we have completed the First Trimester, you and I have come to know each other much better. I have established what I call Mr. A's Ten Commandments. They can be reviewed by clicking on the PowerPoint Show below. We have discussed these commandments in class.

I know that a number of you are "resisting" THE TECHNIQUE as a way to help you prepare for quizzes and tests. It is the proper method of using Flash Cards. It works and is effective. Yes, up front it will require a little more work on your part, but after you MASTER THE TECHNIQUE, you will soon learn that it will take less time and will make studying for quizzes and tests much, much easier - yes, even fun - and you will see your grades begin to improve. Eventually, your grades will be in the "A" and "B" range in those classes where you can take advantage of THE TECHNIQUE. I know that if you learn to use it in my two classes - Religion and Social Studies - your grade will soon be an "A". So the choice is yours. Learn it or find some other way to score "As" in your various subjects. I can tell you this, that once you learn THE TECHNIQUE, it will be a tool that you will use throughout your educational life - Grade, High, College, Master, and Doctor Degrees.

Any questions please see me.

Mr. A 

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